Small punch needle wall art square is perfect for adding texture to your walls! 


Historical stained glass windows inspire this piece of art. These colors, arches, and other shapes are meant to inspire thoughts of light-filled rooms and serenity. 


This square is 6x6 inches in size with a hook in the back for easy hanging. The yarn used for these pieces is vintage tapestry yarn.

Small Punch Needle Wall Art - Stained Glass Window Inspired

  • You might be curious to know how to care for your new piece of art!

    • Do not hang in a bathroom or kitchen. Too much moisture may start to cause issues with your art as these are wool fibers.
    • Feel free to dust and maybe even lightly vacuum your square, we suggest a small handheld vacuum. 
    • Keep away from cats! While this is sturdy, it cannot survive cat scratching. 
    • Love your art and reach out with any questions!